Australia Investment Property with VIP

VIP’s Head Office is based in Christchurch New Zealand with a licence structure developed throughout New Zealand helping NZ’ers to take advantage of the excellent capital growth potential in residential property throughout selected regions of Australia.

Once you have become financially approved, we work for you, the buyer, to ensure you obtain the right property. We have no commitments to any one developer, Real Estate Agency or vendor to sell their stock or property. We find quality, well-located investment properties with access to the whole market and select only what we believe are great properties in great locations … plus we negotiate on your behalf so you own a high quality well performing investment property.

How do we do this?
We specialise in gathering information:

To locate key cities and regions most likely to gain significant capital growth in the property market, we undertake regular fact-finding trips to Australia. Our team often drives in excess of 2,000km in a week, in addition to flying, to sites and areas where we believe property will perform over the long term. Buying information and actively seeking out responses to our enquiries provides a strong basis with which to start.

The right properties at the right price:

Diversifying into Australia can be a great idea. Before you start though, wouldn’t it feel great to have combined experience of VIP to expertly assist you? Our in-depth knowledge and track record ensures that you obtain a well-positioned suitable property without over-capitalising or worse, paying too much in the first place.

We help our clients to buy and own residential investment properties:

As markets change, we also recognise the opportunities that present themselves. Being on the ground so often, a well rehearsed familiarity allows VIP to act quickly for you. We can assist you to find well-positioned property in normally two ways:

New Land and Build.

VIP helps clients to secure land at the right price and then arrange for a quality builder to build a quality house on it. VIP will track the build and help with every aspect until completion and beyond with property management, tax and ongoing support.

Pre owned and near new property.

VIP recognises that although generally buying land and building can give many advantages, there may be a time in a market where it is actually better to buy pre-owned or near new property. In this case when VIP identifies such an opportunity they will negotiate on the client’s behalf for the purchase of that property at the best possible price.

We ensure the building project is managed and it works:

Throughout the investment project, from securing land or buying a house to finding a tenant, to final sale, VIP helps all the way. When the purchase is complete we will keep you informed on market updates and information that we feel will be of benefit to you.

Australia Investment Property

Australia Investment Property with VIP
Australia Investment Property