VIP's highly experienced and skilled team of professionals put in hard work to research, locate, build and manage the best residential properties at the right price.

We have brought together experts with experience in multiple industries such as finance, legal, accounting and management so you can have piece of mind knowing that your best interests are well looked after. With as much as 80% of our business being repeat and referral custom, VIP must be doing something right. This reflects the integrity and hard work that VIP invests in each individual client. It is not often that two clients are the same and we believe everyone has different needs. So VIP cuts out the hype and focuses on the facts to ensure that we keep asking ourselves the same question: "What is in the best interests of our client?"

Have you ever thought that it would be great to own an Australian property for either investment or longer term to live in? For over 10 years, the team at VIP has been involved in seeking out just those opportunities for their New Zealand clients.

Colin Miller

Colin's professional background started in 1987 when he worked as a manager for a large national company where he developed an enviable reputation for client service.
Colin's management and people skills have set him apart from the masses. As a self-starter, he worked for himself in the mid-nineties helping international companies expand into a number of countries throughout SE Asia.
Since 1998 Colin's professional focus has been property investment where he contracted to a Christchurch based company in this industry helping clients buy property in Australia. As a property investor himself Colin has gained vast knowledge in the property industry both in New Zealand and Australia. During this time he has helped many people throughout New Zealand to secure well-located investment properties and has a strong following of astute property investors.
Colin is a New Zealand born proud Kiwi and outside work he enjoys his Family and competitive Trap shooting (Clay Target Shooting). He has achieved a high level in his chosen sport including representing New Zealand. Colin commits time to coaching high school students and others in the discipline of trap shooting. During 2008 to 2009 Colin held the position of President of the Canterbury Clay Target Club (One of New Zealand’s two National Shooting grounds) and has since repositioned himself to Vice President so as to allow him more time to focus on the growth of his company.
Colin has a passion for the out doors and is often high in the Alps of the South Island with his son and friends.
Throughout Colin’s personal and business journey he has always had and implemented the philosophy that say’s“Help enough People Get What They Want And You Will Get What You Want”.

Russell Drake

Joining the Insurance and Investment industry in 1988, Russell has worked with clients one on one for over 21 years. Initially seeing an opportunity to “run his own business”, Russell quickly developed a passion for helping others achieve their financial goals and ensure that financial freedom wasn’t just a dream. He committed himself to property during the early 90’s when he realised many clients would not reach their desired retirement goals from simply saving tax paid income.
Commencing work full time on property in 1999 and now after nearly 10 years of hard work in the property field, he has witnessed first hand a number of very happy clients realise considerably more gains than they could have otherwise achieved through traditional means proving that PROPERTY is by far the obvious and most successful viable alternative to true wealth creation.
His strengths are in converting a clients vision of a successful property investment into a reality through careful consideration of their needs coupled with the expertise of a truly accountable company. In creating VIP Properties with his long time friend and colleague Colin Miller, it is clear that it’s possible for most New Zealanders to safely include rental property in their overall life planning. Together, they have provided a platform second to none to deliver the desired results many Kiwis crave.
As an Australian property owner himself, Russell has applied a lifetime of learning and experience to ensure that the best possible results can be achieved within most peoples budgets. He demonstrates his commitment and enthusiasm by assisting clients to purchase in key locations (often where he does) where much of the homework is done and any risks are greatly reduced hence his catch cry “The Safest Of Safe Investments You’ll Ever Make.”
It is important that his clients understand there needs to be a mix of yield AND capital growth to enjoy success in property over the long term.
When it gets down to it, nothing can beat good old fashioned hard work. Today, Russell thrives on weighing up the best options for clients of the company from a myriad of potential opportunities that invariably exist in some of the known and not so well know locations throughout Australia.
All the while ensuring there is a balance to enjoyment in life, he also commits time in support of family and to indulge the many outdoor river, lake and mountain pursuits he loves.

Martine Taylor

Martine came to work for VIP Properties not long after it’s inception in early 2005. After a flying start to the company, a high quality administrator was urgently required. Martine quickly impressed and excelled in her position to a point where she has made it her won.
She really loves her job and thrives on dealing with our ever positive and fantastic clients, hearing the smiles in their voices when their houses have been completed and sending photos with updates through to them. She loves hearing the success stories when clients have found how much their house has increased in value. The best is when the client says they love what we have done and want to get started on another house.
Martine values working for VIP with the great team environment Colin and Russell provide. With their will, determination and knowledge of the markets she sees a great future.
In her spare time Martine enjoys catching up with friends, watching movies and reading books. She also accepts the challenges in life including the opportunities to go out on the boyfriends family fishing boat enjoying the environment only the Marlborough Sounds can offer. Still trying for that big one. (Fish that is)
Martine’s plans for the future are to have her own Australian investment property one day and looks forward to that day coming.