A focused full time property finder can not only save you thousands of dollars but also help make you thousands of dollars!

Specialist Property Finders

A seller has their real-estate agent working for them to sell their property! A real-estate agent will generally only offer his or her own listings to a potential buyer. We do not attract listings and have access to the complete market.

We are specialist property finders and we work for you the purchaser and not the seller. It is our job to understand what you are trying to achieve and sniff out the right property for you and act on your behalf with your best interest at heart. This is what we do. (We are much more than a buyer’s agent)

A focused full time property finder can not only save you thousands of dollars but also help make you thousands of dollars!

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Looking for something different?

Perhaps a holiday location or a place to relax

A place to relocate to in the future

We focus on growth locations, however having said that, for us to find growth locations we must find and study many other locations including popular and not so well know holiday locations.
Tell us what you are looking for and if we don’t already have a very good understanding of that location we will research it and find you what you are seeking.
If we don’t believe we can help due to that location being out of our travel range or knowledge we will tell you. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by asking.

Knowledge is Power

We agree knowledge is power and obviously an important part of gaining knowledge is focus. A successful investment property is focused on location and property type. As full time property finders we know the locations and what types of properties work well in certain locations.

Australia Investment Property

You are likely good at your business, profession or job, which is probably what has enabled you to buy property in the first place. You may also know which locations and types of property work well in your hometown or city because you know and understand your hometown or city. Similarly we spend considerable time in and understanding the locations where we find property. Remember this is our full time focus, profession and passion.

Residential Property Investment

Residential Property Investment


Do you know the difference between Springfield and Springfield lakes, Helensvale and Arundel or Carseldine and Bald Hills? Would you buy property in any of these locations?

Regardless your answer to the above question, what type of property and what part of a specific location should you consider? Would you buy land and build or buy new pre-built or used property? Each has its advantages and disadvantages in an identified location and this needs to be matched to your portfolio.

A great investment property must be selected based on logic and not emotion.

Finding property is our passion and business, so we travel extensively to many locations conducting our research and finding great properties for our clients.

Residential Property Investment

Finance, Mortgages, Pre-Approval and Approval, Legal, Ownership Structures, Tax and property management.

We will help you get a good understanding of this and seamlessly match you up with a qualified professional and guide you through these processes.

Residential Property Investment